CMHA Kelowna

We support individuals who are are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

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Supportive Housing & Community Resources

We have been successfully housing and supporting individuals who are are homeless or at risk of homelessness for more than 20 years. What allowed us to do so is our core belief that it’s our job to be there for our residents, and provide the help they need so they can begin to realize their life goals and dreams. Did you know? Some of the residents of our supportive housing are experiencing stable and secure housing for the first time in a very long time? Since being housed, many residents have connected with relevant community supports and resources to begin working on their wellness!

CMHA Kelowna Housing

McCurdy Place

  • 49 units of recovery based housing.
  • Homes for adults and youth 17 – 24 years old.
  • Diverse and specialized supports that are unique to this building include: Mental Health & Substance Use Specialist, Home Support Worker, Youth Housing Worker, Recreation Worker.

McCurdy Place opened in March 2021, located on land originally owned by the Knight of Columbus who will continue to co-locate on the site with a new hall and two residential units.

Ellis Place

  • 38 units of supported housing for adults age 19+.
  • Large common space to encourage building connection amongst residents, peer supporters, and staff.

Ellis Place opened in November 2020.

Heath House

  • 40 units of supportive housing for adults, including couples, aged 19+.
  • Welcoming and inclusive space that facilitates community connection and peer support.

Heath House opened in January 2019.

Gordon Place

  • 44 units of supported housing for adults, including couples, aged 19+.
  • Group activities to build connection and a sense of community such as games, volunteer activities, BBQ’s, and the raised garden boxes on site for residents to participate in gardening.

Opened in 2017 and originally operated BC Housing, CMHA Kelowna took over the operations of Gordon Place in 2018.


  • 40 units of supported housing  for adults 19+.
  • Large shared kitchen and lounge space on the main floor to encourage activities for socialization and resident interaction.

Constructed in 2010 by the building development team of Philip MacDonald Architect Inc., Associate Partners Sawchuk Developments, Bentsen Development, and BC Housing who received the Tommie Home Builders Award for Excellence in Creating Affordable Housing, Excellence in Creating Multi-Family Development, Best Public/Private Partnership, Terasan Award for Building Energy Efficiency – Multi-Family New Construction.


  • 23 units of affordable housing for adults 19+
  • Designed for individuals with mental health issues living on limited incomes who are able to live independently over the long term.

Rosemead opened in 1999.

Youth Housing & Services

We have two streams of service available for youth aged 16-24 who are experiencing, or are at risk of experiencing homelessness. These services are designed to support youth with finding and maintaining housing that is safe, affordable, and appropriate, as well as provide youth with supports that focus on wellness and social inclusion.

Learn more about our Youth Housing & Services

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How to Apply to Housing Operated by CMHA Kelowna

To be considered for any of the above properties please submit the Supportive Housing Registration (SHR) Service form to BC Housing’s Penticton office by faxing it to (250)492 1080. Alternatively, the application can be sent by email to .

Scattered Sites Program

Find out more about over 70 other units of housing that we oversee in partnership with community landlords through our Scattered Sites Program.

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