Our Team

Feel free to contact our team for any questions you might have.

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Contact Our Team:

Leadership Team

CEO (and funding enquiries) – Mike Gawliuk

Programs, Finance, Operations & HR

Financial Controller – Amanda Wright
Director, People, Culture & Engagement – Candace Giesbrecht

Communications & Fundraising

Events & Development Specialist – Sarah Wallace
Fund Development Coordinator - Heather Smith
Communications Specialist – Meighan Shaw

Community Education

Director of Mental Health & Wellness Programs - Ashley Sherbino
Education & Training Coordinator – Emma Jones


Director of Supportive Housing, Community Roots & Service Quality - Chan Drepaul
Supportive Housing Manager – Theresa McGinley
Gordon Place Team Lead – Chris Moffat
Willowbridge Team Lead – Cindy Parker
Heath House Team Lead – Linda Walker
Ellis Place Supportive Team Lead – Holly Dagenais
McCurdy Place Team Lead – Ashleigh Blanke

Homelessness & Navigation Services

Homelessness Services Manager – Cal Bryce
Rental Supplements – Richelle Laskiwski
Homelessness Outreach Coordinator (Interim) – Julia Sist

Foundry Kelowna – Youth & Family Services

Foundry Kelowna Manager – CJ Leblanc

To email a staff member, use the following format:

firstname.lastname@cmhakelowna.org (exclude any hyphens within names).

Not sure who to contact? Remember some of our common emails:
General inquiries: mental.health@cmhakelowna.org
Job posting inquiries: hayley.romanchuk@cmhakelowna.org
Volunteer inquiries: volunteer@cmhakelowna.org
Wellness Grants: wellness.grants@cmhakelowna.org
Accounting: payables@cmhakelowna.org
Concerns or complaints: inquiries@cmhakelowna.org

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